Addiction Aftercare in Mount Pleasant, TX

Using drugs and alcohol often starts as something recreational for people. Over time, they find themselves addicted and need help to get out of the hole that addiction can create. After you go through detox and inpatient rehab, addiction aftercare in Mount Pleasant can help you stay clean and sober.

Quitting drugs and alcohol has likely been one of the hardest things you've ever done, but the work doesn't stop once you quit. If you want to stay healthy, you need to take control of your life right now.

Getting on track with addiction aftercare in Mount Pleasant can help you live the life you want to lead. Relapse is common among addicts, but you don't have to be one of the statistics.

Use this guide to learn more about addiction aftercare counseling once you leave inpatient rehab.

What is Aftercare for Addiction Treatment?

The concept of addiction aftercare in Mount Pleasant isn't a new one. Addiction experts have been trying to get addicts who go through inpatient rehab to take part in addiction aftercare counseling for years. For many addicts though, the concept does seem relatively new.

The idea of aftercare for addiction is that addicts need support when they return to their normal lives. For many people, the hardest times come when they return home and have to face situations that can be stressful.

Many addicts also move back into situations where negative influences surround them. One of the most beneficial parts of addiction aftercare in Mount Pleasant is the fact that the programs can provide you with coping tools and skills that you wouldn't otherwise have.

For many addicts, these new skills and coping mechanisms can help they stay clean and sober in the face of temptation. The support that addiction treatment programs in Mount Pleasant provide is also essential for many addicts still going through recovery even if they've already left inpatient care.

What Types of Programs Does it Involve?

  • Outpatient programs. After inpatient rehab, many addicts enter outpatient programs to continue their recovery in a safe, controlled atmosphere. One of the major benefits of outpatient programs is they offer a well-structured option for staying clean and sober. During these programs, a variety of different types of addiction aftercare counseling are used.
  • 12-step programs. Many people dealing with addiction do well in 12-step programs because they offer structured tasks that can be completed on a schedule. Many of these tasks help alleviate some of the guilt that addicts feel after dealing with an addiction for a long period of time. 12-step programs also incorporate meetings into daily or weekly life that can allow you to draw support from counselors, sponsors and people dealing with the same issues as you.
  • Group therapy. Group therapy allows addicts to be surrounded by their peers and talk about their feelings with a like-minded group. This helps some people cope with the feelings that can come after they beat an addition, but are still in recovery. Many people attend group therapy sessions for years as a way to maintain their sobriety. Some even attend group therapy for the rest of their life if they find that it helps them stay strong and positive.
  • Individual therapy. Individual therapy is ideal for people who want to work with a professional counselor, but would prefer to do it outside of a group setting. Programs designed for individual sessions can also be more accommodating to a person's schedule if they've returned to a normal work schedule or have other time commitments like children.

These are just a few of the common types of addiction aftercare counseling that can follow inpatient rehab. There may be more choices that can work for you.

Talk to trained professionals who have helped with your addiction recovery to find the right addiction aftercare in Mount Pleasant.

Why Should I Enter an Aftercare Program for Addiction?

The idea of going through addiction aftercare counseling, or even knowing where to turn for this kind of help, can be scary for addicts. Many people simply don't know how they can get help even if they know they want to stay clean and sober after leaving rehab.

Addiction aftercare can help you get the support and structure you need for relapse prevention in Mount Pleasant. Relapse may be common, but it doesn't have to happen to you. Call us now at (903) 259-3322.

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